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Spam Guard 1.1.0

E-mail filtering tool, with filtering engine, black-list filtering, attachment filtering, and heuristic words and phrase filtering, it keeps your e-mail box safe and clean.

Buy Now $9.99

File Size:1,842 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($9.99) Limitations:30-day free trial
Date Added:10-19-2005 Requirements: 

Spam Guard Properties - Spam Guard
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Software Description:
Spam Guard is a powerful and cost-effective e-mail filtering tool that eliminates over 95% of all spam before they reach your Inbox.

It is a hybrid multi-level spam filtering system, using an intelligent linguistic probability filtering engine, black-list filtering, attachment filtering, and heuristic words and phrase filtering.

Key Features:
  • Advanced probability e-mail filtering engine improves detection accuracy as time goes by.
  • Fully adjustable for the level of filtering that you desire.
  • Improved message decoding, filtering, logging.
  • Work with any POP3-compliant e-mail clients to filter junk e-mail from POP3-accessible web e-mail services
Editor's Review:
The software, Spam Guard, filters e-mail that arrives in your Inbox. If the sender of any message cannot be identified, then the message is moved into a spam quarantine folder. Messages deposited in the spam quarantine folder can be checked and either deleted or approved at your leisure.

Senders are identified from previous messages that you have received, from messages you have sent and also from your address book. The senders of any messages approved in the spam quarantine folder are also added to the list. You can also select domains to be approved too. It works with POP3 accounts. Hotmail accounts and other webmail accounts are not currently supported.

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