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instant LOCK 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - instant LOCK

  1. How can I lock a folder ?
    Currently, there are five options:
    1. Using Add button inside program.
    2. Using mouse; which means, drag&drop desired folders to list.
    3. Drag'n Droping desired folder to program link or executable.
    4. Using command line option: For example, C:\il\ilock.exe "New Folder"
    5. In windows explorer, clicking to any folder with right mouse button and selecting "Lock with i-Lock" option

  2. Can I lock folders in rewritable CDs too ?
    Yes, with i-Lock you can password protect Rewritable CD/DVDs, network drives and Flash memory devices (Digital Cameras, Memory Sticks) too.

    Almost all CD writer softwares have a packet writing option. This way you can use CDs just like hard disks. Check your CD writer software for this feature. (For example, Nero has In-CD option).

  3. Is there a maximum limit for folder location, size or amount?
    You can lock any folder you want. Except some system folders like, windows, recycle bin etc... Folder size, contents, location does not matter for i-Lock. Evaluation version has a maximum folder amount of 5.

  4. What if someone uninstalls the software?
    No way! Only you can uninstall Instant Lock with your password.

  5. What if someone deletes the program folder manually?
    No problem, deleting program's folders will not result with data loss neither. Just reinstall it with same password. Installation location does not mater at all. You do not have to remember that.

  6. Can anyone access to my folders in Safe Mode, DOS Mode or by a bootable disk?
    Absolutely NO. Not only that.

    With unique security technology of i-Lock. Even if someone steals your notebook, your Flash disk or Rewritable CD, they will not be able to reach your files. They will stay secure and totaly invisible. Don't worry.

  7. How secure are my files with i-Lock technology?
    well-known rule, slower encryption=higher security. Right? Not exactly.

    Some software vendors claim that they will provide unbreakable encryption. In addition they also claim that, they will do this with a 256-bit public algorithm like Blowfish. Locking a few GBs of data will take hours with that "Unbreakable" encryption. However, if you want to secure your data against government or anyone who has high CPU power, it will not worth it. A super computer or a powerful computer can crack those painfully slow encryptions even faster than they encrypt it.

    If you don't think someone will use a super computer to see your files then guarantee you that your files are absolutely secure.

    About technical details; Instead of those slow encryption options, instant Lock uses some Windows File System secrets.By using these secrets and with some extra techniques, Instant Lock secures your files even more than those encrypted files. Why? Because, they are invisible, there is nothing to make someone suspicious. They will not even notice there are protected files ;-). So, use Instant Lock with peace of mind.

  8. I lost my password, What should I do now ?
    If you forgot your password, ask the author's support service for help andd they 'll help you to restore your locked folders. This requires a special programing effort for each customer and takes a lot of time this service is available only for Registered Users.

Screenshots - More Details

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