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Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition

Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition offers comprehensive scanning and eradication, centralized management, automatic spyware definition updates and free upgrades.

      Buy for download $29.95

File Size: System:Windows 2000/XP/Vista
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:limited
Date Added:03-25-2008 Requirements: 

Screenshot of Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition

Software Description:
Max Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition offers a centrally managed, robust anti-spyware solution for the corporate environment. It provides the IT administrator with the tool, to centrally combat spyware in an environment where the lack of security consciousness is a concern.

Max Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition merges the same powerful anti-spyware technology found in the consumer version of Spyware Detector, currently protecting many end-users, with convenient and flexible administration tools designed to accommodate all enterprise environments. It is based on the client-server architecture with a push deployment on the client side. It has centralized management and reporting.

Key Features:
  • Protect - Confidential information, files & documents
  • Prevent - Data and identity theft
  • Preserve – Network bandwidth for faster access & productivity
  • Personalize- Scans to remove only the items you select
  • Proven – To create a faster spyware free network
Editor's Review:
Recently released, Max Spyware Detector Enterprise protects corporations from spyware intrusions and their subsequent effects on productivity, integrity and confidentiality of data systems and networks. Spyware Detector Enterprise is armed with a comprehensive database to detect and eradicate spyware threats.

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