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Solo Antivirus 4.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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Scanning methods
1.Memory scan
When the Solo is started it automatically checks memory for viruses. If any virus found it displays the message to clean the virus.
2.File scan
While scanning, Solo checks the file types stored in the File type box. If you want to scan all the files, you should enable the all files option in the scan options window.
3.Boot scan
Solo checks for all kinds of Boot viruses when the start scan button is clicked. It also contains an in built scan engine to detect unknown viruses.
Virus cleaner
Solo offers three ways to deal with viruses: deleting the infected file(s), renaming the infected file(s), or cleaning the infected file(s). As you perform an action on a virus, that virus is removed from the list. When you have deleted, renamed and cleaned all the detected viruses, the list box will be empty.

Frequently Asked Questions - Solo Antivirus

  1. How to create an emergency disk?
    Format an empty floppy disk with system files. This can be done by following this procedure. After inserting the new disk in the floppy drive type FORMAT A:\ /S. You should use this command in DOS prompt. It will format your floppy disk and also transfers the system files. Then use Create Emergency Disk tool [ Start -> Programs ->Solo Antivirus-> ] to create emergency disk. Boot the machine through this disk to remove all viruses.

  2. How to manually update your DAT files?
    Click mouse right button on the Solo Scheduler icon and select Configure Scheduler. Scheduler icon will be there in the sysem tray near to the clock icon. Click " Update Now " button to download latest DEF files. You must have active Internet connection for this.

  3. When a virus found in memory what to do?
    Reboot the machine through Solo emergency disk and run Solo emergecny scanner. To create emergency disk, you have to follow the emegency disk creation procedure as mentioned above.

Screenshots - More Details

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