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TrojanShield 2.0

Detect and block attempts by hackers to hack into your computer; scan your computer's memory, folders, drives or parts of your network for removing trojan server viruses from your computer.

Buy Now $29

File Size:2,068 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($29) Limitations:15-day free trial
Date Added:11-18-2005 Requirements:windows system

anti-virus -- TrojanShield
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Software Description:
TrojanShield Console is used to detect and block attempts by hackers to hack into your computer.
TrojanShield Anti-Trojan detects and removes trojan server viruses from your computer. It can be used to scan your computer's memory, folders, drives or parts of your network. It can also monitor your computer and automatically warn you if you become infected with any trojans.
TrojanShield Process Manager allows you view and work with all running programs (processes) on your computer.
TrojanShield Startup Manager allows you to view a list of all the programs which are set to run when your computer starts.

Key Features:
  • Console monitors common trojan ports for attempted connections. When an attempt to connect is made, Console notifies you.
  • TrojanShield Anti-Trojan's disinfection capabilities can be upgraded by using the Auto-Update program which is included in the TrojanShield package.
  • The following are possible uses for Process Manager: 1. Run new programs, specifying options that would not normally be available.
    2. Terminate or even delete running programs.
    3. See if any unwanted or unexpected programs are running
Editor's Review:
TrojanShield has protected the computer from so many hackers.

TrojanShield is very user-friendly and can be operated by anyone, but still offers the functionality required by expert users.

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