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FlashClean 2.9 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Options Window

Load at Windows Startup
If the Load at Windows Startup option is checked, then Window Washer will load and run in the background whenever Windows loads.

Run Auto Clean When Windows is at Startup
FlashClean will automatically clean when Windows is started.

Run Auto Clean When Windows is at Shutdown
FlashClean will automatically clean when Windows is shut down.

Run AutoClean every minute
The pull down menu under the box will become active. Using the pull down menu, you can select the time interval in which you would like Window Washer to clean your items.

Move deleted files to the Recycle Bin
When it is selected, it will place files that it deletes into the Recycle Bin.

Delete files sermanently
Files will be deleted off the disk.

Delete files to specify directory
When it is selected, it will delete files to specify directory.

Frequently Asked Questions - FlashClean

  1. What is the Application Plug-in?
    FlashClean's free plug-in gives you the flexibility to choose which plug-in to install according to the applications you have installed. This gives FlashClean the ability to support up to a nearly-unlimited number of applications.

  2. What does Internet Sweeper do when I click Test Now?
    Test Now offers a safe way to check the items you want to clean, after you select them, you click the Test Now, and then on Detail List to see what will be cleaned. This is just a test and no cleaning will be done.

Screenshots - More Details

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