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Trace Remover 1.2.2

Remove all traces of usage on your computer such as temporary files, history of opened documents, applications, network locations and much more.

Buy Now $15

File Size:803 KB System:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($15) Limitations:14 days
Date Added:02-05-2006 Requirements:Window System

Main window - Trace Remover
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Software Description:
Trace Remover will remove all traces of usage on your computer. It removes temporary files, history of opened documents, applications, network locations and much more. You can also choose to remove any custom files, folders or file masks of your choice. Trace Remover is compliant with the US Department of Defense 5520.22-M specification which means that everything you delete will be 100% unrecoverable. Detailed summary reports of actions are displayed so that you can know for sure what has been done.

Key Features:
  • Securely delete specified files and folders making them 100% unrecoverable.
  • Delete internet cache, temporary files, internet history, visited URLs, last opened documents and much more.
  • Delete specified custom files matching certain file extensions.
  • Delete contents in specified folders and all sub-directories and files within them.
  • Compliant with the US Department of Defense specification 5520.22-M for secure deletion of all files and folders.
  • Online tooltips for instant help.
Editor's Review:
The interface of the Trace Remover is very simple, it contains two parts including Windows Installation and Custom Files. It is very conveniently for finding options and easy to get rid of traces of usage on your computer. The software doesn't support schedule cleaning, so you must remember removing traces manually. It also doesn't support deleting traces of RealPlayer.

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