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EZ Password Secure 1.2 - User Guide and FAQ

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Initial Setup

When you run EZ Password Secure for the first time or re-install it, the software has to initialize its database. All you have to do is to set your entry password.


You can access the system only with the password.

Groups and data items

All your data items are separated into different groups. The groups and their data items are displayed as a tree view on the left of the main window.

Editing data items

To avoid the incaution of changing the information, all information is displayed in unchangeable mode. Check the option of "Modify mode" to switch to the changeable mode. Then you can modify the data. Your modification will be saved automatically.

Adding data item

Firstly, choose a group that your new data item will belong to. Secondly, press the Add Item button. An Add Item window will appear allowing you to input all information.

Frequently Asked Questions - EZ Password Secure

  1. How many characters can I input in Username/Password field?
    There is no limit. And there is no limit in Title, URL and Description field as well.

  2. How many groups and passwords can I store in your EZ Password Secure?
    The limit is your PC's memory. Because of the huge RAM of current PC, the number of groups and passwords will be huge too. Don't worry about it. However, when you are using an unregistered version, the amount of data items will be limited ten 10 only.

  3. What's the requirements of EZ Password Secure?
    Almost all PC can run this software. I have tested it on Windows 95/98/Me/XP, Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000. Password Base need very little memory and harddisk space and it consumes very little system resource too.

  4. How to install/uninstall EZ Password Secure?
    You should get a file EZPS_Setup.exe. Run this file. It will guide you the whole installation.
    As for uninstall, firstly I recommend you to backup all the data stored in EZ Password Secure by choosing "File|Export Passwords". Then choose "Uninstall EZ Password Secure" from its program group, or choose "Add/Remove Programs" from Windows Control Panel. The wizard will guide you to uninstall.

  5. If I forget my entry password, how can I enter the software?
    I'm very sorry to hear it. No one can help you in this situation because of the strong encryption. The only thing you could do is to delete the information and use the software as if you were the first time to use it.
    Delete the file User.dat and Info.dat in the EZ Password Secure directory; run the EZ Password Secure again. You will be treated as you are the first time to use it.

Screenshots - More Details

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