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Password Manager 1.0

Password Manager organizes all your passwords in a secure manner

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $9.99

File Size:299 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($9.99) Limitations:30 days trial
Date Added:04-10-2006 Requirements:windows

User Interface
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Software Description:
Today identity theft and similar crimes are on a rise; thus to protect our privacy we are required to have at least one password for every service or device we use. This problem is not only limited to the Internet; mobile devices, credit cards, alarms, restricted areas, to mention some, all require passwords or pin codes of some sort. Lets face it; passwords and pin codes have entered our lives for good, they have become a necessary evil. As a result a new problem has arisen; memorizing all these passwords and pin codes is difficult, and writing them down exposes you to identity theft and related crimes. Now, with Password Manager you can organize all your personal data in a secure, easy and fun manner!

Key Features:
  • Easy to use and familiar user interface
  • US Federal grade encryption
  • Automatic backup reminder
  • Create your own templates
  • Create your own password policies
  • Password generation
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Online support
Editor's Review:
With Password Manager you no longer need worry about privacy and how to cope with the ever growing number of passwords and pin codes; be free to focus on the more important things in life!

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