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Password Protection System Plus 1.56

Password Protection System Plus places passwords onto your executable program files.

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Version:1.56 Publisher:The Nth System
File Size:1,933 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($20.00) Limitations:evaluation version
Date Added:01-03-2006 Requirements: 

Password Protection System Plus
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Software Description:
Password Protection System Plus is a full security tool for placing passwords onto your executable program files. You can also specify the times of day that your program is allowed to run and what happens when it is run or not run during those times. Additional flexibility is provided by a powerful encryption/scrambling function that will ensure that your sensitive data is protected from any and all outside factors. If this was not enough, PPS Plus itself can be given a password to keep unwanted guests from playing with your new toy. This version includes minor updates and revisions.

PPS Plus allows you to place a fully customizable password prompt onto any program. This includes time limits, multiple window styles, encryption, and many other security musts!

Key Features:
  • Placing passwords onto your executable program files.
  • Provide many of the key features in file encryption and protection technology.
  • PPS Plus itself can be given a password to keep unwanted guests from playing with your new toy.
Editor's Review:
Password Protection System PLUS allows you to take back control of your computer by providing many of the key features in file encryption and protection technology. With state-of-the-art encryption routines bolting down your sensitive data and powerful password protections for your program files, there is no better single program for full file system management. This application takes security very seriously: even the software itself can be set up with a password!

I invite you to take a tour of the program and see the many features and intricacies that make it an extremely powerful and useful tool for your home or business. To see what Password Protection System PLUS can do for you, continue onwards.

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