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Aldo's NET Monitor 2.2

Measure your Internet bandwidth, CPU and Memory usage with this compact network traffic and performance monitor for Windows 2000/XP.

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File Size:58 KB System:Windows 2000/XP
License:Free Limitations:
Date Added:09-10-2008 Requirements:

Main window of Aldo's NET Monitor

Software Description:
Measure your Internet bandwidth, CPU and Memory usage with this compact network traffic and performance monitor for Windows 2000/XP. It's ideal to monitor the network traffic of your P2P programs like Kazaa, Ares, Emule, Āµtorrent, etc.

Key Features:
  • Monitors network traffic.
  • Easy, fast and non-intrusive installation.
  • Supports multiple network cards.
  • Window sizes: Normal, Statistics Only, Minimal, system tray.
  • Displays traffic in the system tray in digital or analog mode.
  • Execute netmon.bat if the network is disconnected.
Editor's Review:
New Kill Processes option (kill applications listed in killlist.txt that should be created manually using Notepad)Select 4 display modes from the popup menu: Normal, Small, Tiny and Icon.

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