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Local Keylogger Pro - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Local Keylogger Pro

  1. How to Hide Local Keylogger Pro from Windows Add/Remove Programs?
    You can easily configure Local Keylogger Pro to be hidden from Windows Add/Remove Programs with only one mouse click! Open Local Keylogger Pro main window, click the Options button, then select the invisible/stealth from left list.
    Check the option 'Hide Keylogger from Windows Add/Remove programs', then click OK button to apply your changes. after this, this Local keylogger pro's uninstall/change icon will never be shown in the Windows Add/Remove programs.

  2. How to remove Keylogger StartMenu/Desktop icons?
    Configure Local Keylogger Pro to be hidden during monitoring sessions and it is virtually impossible to detect. Local Keylogger Pro will not be listed in the task manager and also gives you the option to remove it from the uninstall list! Superior stealth performance that is unmatched by others! only one mouse click, Local Keylogger Pro allows you to hide / unhide it from StartMenu, Desktop:
    Check the 'Hide Keylogger from start menu/ Desktop' option from above window, then click OK button to apply your changes. After this, the keylogger icon will never be shown in the desktop and start menu.

  3. How to hide Keylogger from Windows Task Manager?
    Local Keylogger Pro offers many levels of stealth capability to prevent the user from removing the software. Local Keylogger Pro will not be displayed in the task manager, the process tab (under Windows NT/XP/2000), or anywhere else where it may be possible for the user on your pc to detect it!
    this feature can be supported on any Windows Platforms (Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/2003 Server/Vista).
    Following below steps:
    1. Run Local Keylogger Pro
    2. Click Options button from Main Window
    3. Click Stealth/Invisible tab
    4. Check option ' Hide from Windows Task Manager'
    5. After this, the keylogger will not be displayed in the Task Manager.

  4. How to use hotkey to hide/unhide Local Keylogger Pro?
    Local Keylogger Pro support complete hide/unhide features, if you configure Local Keylogger Pro to be completely hidden from your system (Add/Remove Programs, Task Manager, Start Menu, Desktop, etc), you need to configure a hotkey to unhide Local Keylogger Pro.
    the default hotkey is : CTRL+SHIFT+~, you can change this hotkey on the Options dialog.

Screenshots - More Details

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