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PAL PC Spy v3.2 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How To Log Keys?

Key Logger is the main program's feature. It records all keys pressed on the keyboard and creates a report (log) in a special format displaying date and time (optional), as well as an application name and keys pressed. Only ASCII printable symbols are recorded.

To view the logs: Open the program (by pressing (left Shift + F12) or on the Desktop icon), then press on the VIEW LOGS tab, select the USER you want to monitor, select the LOG and click on VIEW.

To enable logging keys, please do the following:
  • Activate the KeyLogPro Settings dialog using one of the two ¡®hotkey¡¯ combinations (mentioned above);
  • Choose the General page;
  • Check the Enable Logging box.


Use the Output Directory input box to specify a location for your log file to be saved to. Use the Browse button, if needed. If you wish to hide log files, check the Hidden box.


You can restrict access to the application (namely, to the KeyLog Pro Settings dialog) by activating the Password feature. To do this, uncheck the Disable Password box (which is activated by default). To change your password, press the Change Password button to open the Change Password window. Fill out the input boxes offered and press OK to confirm or Cancel to discard.

Activation Hotkey

These are the two available hotkey combinations to activate the KeyLog Pro Settings dialog. Use the radio buttons to choose one of the following:
  • Left Shift - F12
  • Left Mouse Button - Right Shift.

This box displays the current application status, which may be:

Active; or Stopped

Screenshots - More Details

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