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Perfect Keylogger - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Perfect Keylogger

  1. Does Perfect Keylogger work with any version of Windows?
    Yes, but it's recommended to use Windows 98 and higher. You can use it on Windows 95 if you install the common controls library update.

    Also it require MS Internet Explorer 5.0 or later (it is used by Log Viewer).

  2. How can I change the icon of the installation package created with Remote Installation Wizard?
    You have to use any resource editor. We recommend to download an excellent free tool "Resource Hacker". It can be found at

    After you download it, select File >Open > All files and open inst.bin file located in keylogger's folder. Select an icon in the tree, right click on it and choose "Replace resource". Then select the file containing desired icon. Choose File > Save to apply changes. After this you can create customized installation package with Remote Installation Wizard.

  3. How can I make keylogger invisible for the firewall program?
    You have to configure FTP settings and enable "Stealth uploading using Internet Explorer" option. Then keylogger will upload the logs using IE and it will be transparent for the firewall. Of course, Internet Explorer window will be invisible.

  4. I don't want Perfect Keylogger to place its icon in the System Tray.
    You can hide the Perfect Keylogger tray icon and use it in the invisible mode. Check Options > General > Don't show program icon at startup option (to restore, use hotkey).

  5. I need to install keylogger on another computer as fast as possible, how can I do it?
    Use Remote Installation Wizard to create deployment package. Then you can e-mail or give this package to somebody and he will install it without any suspicions!

  6. How do I uninstall Perfect Keylogger if I have removed it from the Start menu and from uninstall list?
    Click "Uninstall keylogger" link in the "Options" dialog or run uninstall.exe file located in the program folder.

  7. I want to use Perfect Keylogger for the each user of the PC. How can I do this?
    Perfect Keylogger lets you easily activate monitoring for all users of the PC. Just install it for one user and then other users will be monitored automatically, even if you don't know their passwords. If you intend to run keylogger under restricted user environment (such as Guest, etc) please make sure that program folder (defaults to "C:\Program Files\BPK") has WRITE access. Perfect Keylogger will be unable to create the log file otherwise.

  8. When Perfect Keylogger is running, I can't type words with accent characters.
    Try to change the state of the option "Use progressive method of keystrokes interception" on the Logging tab.

Screenshots - More Details

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