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Radar Website Monitor

A multithreaded website monitoring software - Monitor different types of internet services, including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, FTP, DNS, Ping, Database and TCP.

Download Site       Buy Now $49.95

File Size:2.31 MB System:Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista
License:Free to try ($49.95) Limitations:15 days trial
Date Added:02-18-2008 Requirements:Memory: 64MB

Radar Website Monitor

Software Description:
Radar Website Monitor is a multithreaded website monitoring software that keeps a close and constant watch over your website. It can monitor different types of internet services, including HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, FTP, DNS, Ping, Database and TCP. When your website is detected inaccessible, loads improperly or responds excessively slow, Radar Website Monitor will send an immediate notification to you. It can even run previously specified applications automatically! You define the interval of time that Radar Website Monitor provides you with real-time reports and charts, allowing you to easily understand and evaluate your website's performance.

Key Features:
  • Provide multiple monitoring - Not just websites, perform Monitoring as well: URL, Secure Web Server, Mail Server, FTP Server, Dns Server, Database Server and Ping
  • Use flexible monitoring methods - Monitor your website in different ways such as get, head and post.
  • Login to authorization required website and monitoring
  • Login to your FTP server and monitoring
  • Login to your mail server and monitoring
  • Connect to your server through proxy
  • Support multithreaded monitoring - Monitor websites, URLs, and servers up to as many as you need.
  • Offer real-time charts - Get a clear idea of your website performance at a glace of the open-and-shut real-time monitoring charts.
  • Verify Webpage content - scan your web pages looking for predefined keywords, and detect any change and compromise without your knowledge.
  • Make response time analysis - Assist you in tracking your website performance with extensive response time analysis.
  • Allow customizable alerts - Alert you to failures using a variety of techniques ranging from playing audible alarms, sending email and running specified third-party application.
  • Notify you once the error has been cleared and website gets back to normal.
  • Send alert email to multiple email addresses.
  • Notification email template.
  • View detailed monitoring reports daily, weekly and monthly at any given point, export html files when needed.
  • Check extensive loggings of uptime, failure and response time for every and each watch item.
  • Manage Your Website according to class - Organize all watch items easily with the convenient function to classify monitoring items by websites or monitoring types.
  • Allow you to export all your specified settings for each server or service you want to monitor.
  • Monitoring Interval - Intervals vary from 1 second to 24 hours.
  • Block out period - Radar can stop monitoring in a specified period
  • Notify you immediately when your website responses excessively slow if necessary.
  • Local Network Test - Tell from local network errors and website server failure when your website is detected unavailable.
Editor's Review:
Website monitoring software detect the website problem and fix it before any loss occurs. it also can report your website speed to help you to attract nore people to your website.

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