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Spylo PC Monitor 2.20 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Password protection

It is highly recommended to set password for Spylo Commander. You prevent unauthorized access to logs and settings using the password. To set password, start the Spylo Commander, choose from menu "Setup"->"Monitoring properties". Type your password into edit box and click "!" button. Confirm the password by retyping it in appeared screen and click OK. Now you have set the password. To remove password do not type anything and click "!" button, you will be asked to confirm the removal of password and after that there will be no more password protection if you hit OK.

Frequently Asked Questions - Spylo PC Monitor

  1. I get the message when a program starts that it can't find a file named: "DINPUT.DLL" or "DDRAW.DLL" or "DSOUND.DLL", what does it mean ?
    This means that you do not have DirectX drivers installed, you can find DirectX installation package at Microsoft Inc. web site:

  2. I cant move mouse pointer out in Bubble Strike ! So I cant access menu and other programs what can I do ?
    Just click right mouse button and everything will be available.

  3. I get the message when a program starts that it can't find a file named: "GRAPHX.DAT" or "*.MID" or some "*.WAV", what does it mean ?
    This means that game is not properly installed, download the distribution ZIP file from this site and reinstall the game.

  4. A registration code is not accepted!
    Check again the regcode and regname you are entering. Registration name is case sensitive and space sensitive - check for additional spaces after regname Also check if you really entered regcode. It is pretty common to accidentally type in the order number or product id.

Screenshots - More Details

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