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WinSession Logger 3.7.3

Spy software or keylogger combines local keylogger, remotely deployable monitoring spy software and a parental control. It monitor msn messeenger, click of mouse and so on.

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File Size:2,490 KB System:Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:120 minutes
Date Added:09-03-2007 Requirements:windows

WinSession Logger
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Software Description:
WinSession Logger is an easy to setup spy software or keylogger, intuitive to use, and saves you time when opening and reviewing your logs. this surveillance software combines local spy software, or local keylogger, remotely deployable monitoring spy software and a parental control all in one program, for this reason WSL is an advanced keylogger.

Key Features:
  • Run as key logger, is case sensitive, saves urls, restricts programs.
  • Saves all MSN Messenger Conversations of both sides for a Ethernet NIC 802.3x with WinPcap installed.
  • Copies text or images from your clipboard.
  • Periodically can take encrypted Screen Shots(every second or after of hours)
  • Records startup/shutdown including user and time
  • This spy software restricts any opened Window or running programs, example: Control Panels, etc.
  • The advanced keylogger Includes a trigger function, starts monitoring when a site is visited or something is wrote.
  • Shutdown, restart , let you Hibernate your computer saving energy.
  • Save local encrypted spy logs of text and screenshots (not only saves keystrokes), sends reports to the specified email address(two emails), FTP site, web and LAN. Sends logs by email at the same time every day.
  • Include a logs viewer with slide show and timer, etc.
  • Powerful & flexible solution: Simple installation, very low average CPU usage, very easy to use, now includes remote deployment(a new executable is created with other program). It includes a key logger and other spy features all in one product.
Editor's Review:
It is suitable tool for CEOs, parents. It is always a keylogger is a help for your memory, records images, screenshots, etc. For any user, using the keylogger WinSession Logger, you will be able to establish the full control over your computer. You will also find out, what was going on on your computer during your absence: what was run and when, what text was typed, etc.

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