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PlanetRemote 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

How to use PlanetRemote

  • You can start the software manually.
  • Click Start -> Program Files -> PlanetDNS -> PlanetDNS Client -> PlanetDNS Client
  • The software will initially place a grey icon in your system tray. The tray icon will remain grey until the software detects that your computer is connected to the Internet.
  • Once the software has detected an active Internet connection on your computer, it will turn the grey icon to green.
  • Now that you have the software running.

    How to setup Windows XP firewall to work with PlanetRemote

    All firewalls, including XP's firewall, are pre-configured to prevent computers on the Internet from accessing your computer directly. To enable you to realize remote control of your computer over the Internet, the ports used by the PlanetRemote software need to be specifically opened in your firewall.

    How to set a static IP address in Windows XP behind a Linksys router

    In order for you to be able to connect directly to your computer from the Internet, you have to enable the Port Forwarding feature in your Linksys Router. To use this feature reliably, you are required to assign your computer a static IP LAN IP address.

    Frequently Asked Questions - PlanetRemote

    1. What is PlanetRemote?
      PlanetRemote is a unique software application that enables you to take control of your computer from a different station or location.

    2. Which edition should I use?
      You should gain remote Internet access to your computer, which already has a dynamic DNS solution running on it.

    3. How can I get started?
      For information on making your first remote control connection, we recommend that you refer to our getting started in the PlanetRemote help file.

    4. How do I enable file transfer?
      You will not be able to transfer files to and from the PlanetRemote-enabled computer, if the software's file transfer function has not been enabled.

      To enable file transfer, open PlanetRemote Properties by clicking on the PlanetRemote icon in your system tray. Select the Files tab and check the Enable File Transfer option. Press the Apply button to save the change.

    Screenshots - More Details

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