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Remote Tools Manager 2.0

A powerful and flexible tool for SMS 2.0 administrator to get full control of a remote environment.

Download Site 2       Buy Now $40

File Size:2,623 KB System:Windows NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($40) Limitations:demo only
Date Added:10-24-2005 Requirements:Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0

Screenshot of Remote Tools Manager
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Software Description:
Normally, SMS 2.0 Remote Tools Client Agent settings are sitewide settings, meaning that all SMS clients assigned to your site will receive the same settings, including servers. Vyntek Remote Tools Manager allows you to overcome this limitation by giving you the ability to easily maintain separate Remote Tool Client Agent settings outside of your primary site settings, as well as, the option to suppress the automatic re-propagation of the sitewide settings to the client.

When ease and flexibility are a must, this is the right one for SMS 2.0 administrator.

Key Features:
  • Easily browse for the computers you wish to customize
  • Allow Modification of Permitted Viewers
  • Customization of Remote Control properties
  • Customization of Notification properties
  • Option to suppress automatic updates of sitewide settings to the client
Editor's Review:
As a systems control program, Remote Tools Manager enables a systems administrator to control most aspects of a remote environment. It could terminate a selected process at any time; change the priority of a selected process and service's repair parameters on Windows 2000/XP, and much more.

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