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AVS Audio Tools 5.4- User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - AVS Audio Tools

  1. I want to be able to copy/backup my original CDs without any loss of musical information in conversion. Will the program copy the original CD audio track without converting it (that is PCM or CDA)?
    You can easily do it using one of the AVS Audio Tools' applications called AVS Audio CD Grabber.

    Today's audio CD's store 44,100 samples per second. Since CD's are in stereo, they store both a left and a right value 44,100 times per second. These values are represented by 16 bit integers. In actual fact there is no special CDA audio format. The audio *.cda tracks are the same as Uncompressed PCM (ordinary .WAV files). Thus audio tracks (.CDA) are ALWAYS stored on CDs in 44,100 kHz; Stereo; 16 Bit Uncompressed PCM. So you see, it means that it is not possible to record more than 80 minutes of audio on a single audio CD.

    Set the output parameters for the files you want to grab as follows: File Format: WAV (PCM) 44100 kHz, 16 bit, Stereo.

  2. How to take a music audio file without vocals and lay my vocals onto that track and record the two together as a separate track that I can then record on a CD?
    If you want to put your voice record at some music file, you can easily do it with AVS Audio Tools. Record the voice file using AVS Audio Recorder and then use AVS Music Mix application to put both files together. For that you should import both files into AVS Music Mix and mix them using timeline tool.

  3. I have some WAV voice files that I am using in a PowerPoint presentation for voice over. Can your application help me to compress the files to a smaller size, so that they could still be read by Windows media player?
    The AVS Audio Converter application that is included into AVS Audio Tools package is the very tool for conversion audio files from uncompressed PCM (WAV) into a number of compressed formats (MP3, MP2, OGG, WMA, etc). Choose the output format according to your wish, try different variants. All of the output formats can be read by Windows Media Player.

  4. How can I use AVS Audio Recorder to record from microphone or to record streaming audio files playing on the Internet, for example, in Real Player, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc?
    The opportunities of recording depend on your sound card parameters only. AVS Audio Tools does not limit the sound card possibilities and supports all of the input lines supported by your sound card. Check out your sound and sound card settings at:

    Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices and find out what input lines are available with your sound card:

    Volume Control -> Options -> Properties -> Recording.

  5. How to convert video files from one format to another using AVS Video Converter?
    AVS Video Converter enables you to convert your videos to various formats quite easily in only a few steps:

    Step 1: Select a file that you would like to convert by clicking the Browse... button near the Input File Name field. Select a format you would like your result file to have clicking the one of the buttons in the upper menu. E.g. - if you would like to convert your file to AVI format - select To AVI and so on.
    Step 2: Determine your output file location and name by clicking the Browse... button next to the Output File Name field. Please not, that you CANNOT change output file name and path in the main window directly, but only through MS Windows Explorer windows that are opened when you click Browse...
    Step 3: Press Convert Now! button and wait for the process to be over.

Screenshots - More Details

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