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Mp3 to CD Burner Pro 2.5

Makes a CD - as easy as baking cookies,you can choose to burn 74 or 80-minute audio CDs on either 74 or 80-minute CDR/RW discs.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $25.99

File Size:3,550 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($25.99) Limitations: 
Date Added:12-06-2005 Requirements:Pentium 100 PC or higher

Main window - Mp3 to CD Burner Pro
click for larger screenshots
click for User Guide & FAQ

Software Description:
MP3 to CD Burners - Makes a CD - as easy as baking cookies!With MP3 to CD Burner Pro, you can choose to burn 74 or 80-minute audio CDs on either 74 or 80-minute CDR/RW discs. There is no need to convert to WAV! Your CD is burned directly saving your hard drive space.

Mp3 to CD Burner Pro burns custom music CDs from MP3s, WAVs or existing play lists (M3U, PLS). You can organize all the music on your computer via drag and drop. You also can make CD cover and print it.

Mp3 to CD Burner Pro can auto-detection of incomplete songs, specify exact amount of silence between tracks, mix (segue) between adjacent tracks if desired. It supports CD-TEXT if supported by the CD-recorder hardware, also supports "Burn-Proof" CDRW drives.

Mp3 to CD Burner Pro enables you to create your own custom music CDs that can be played in any standard home or car stereo.

Key Features:
  • mp3 to cd direct burning, no tempory wav file involved, saving your hard disk life, and faster!
  • Burn custom music CDs from MP3s, WAVs or existing play lists (M3U, PLS) (WMA + OGG coming soon!)
  • Organize all the music on your computer via drag and drop.
  • EASY TO USE interface!
  • Auto-detection of incomplete songs
  • Specify exact amount of silence between tracks
  • Mix (segue) between adjacent tracks if desired
  • Automatically trims silence from the beginning or end of songs
  • Supports CD-TEXT if supported by the CD-recorder hardware.
  • Supports "Burn-Proof" CDRW drives
  • Audio CD Cover Maker (Can be customized and Printed)
Editor's Review:
Simply drag and drop the songs you want onto the main screen, hit the record button, and in a short time you will have a custom CD. Interface is easy enough to understand and navigate. The program has a built-in player, and you can listen to the music and modify the music information at the same time.

Except that you won't find any extra function. It only supports MP3 and WAV audio formats. It's a decent pick for novices who just need an easy way to burn their digital-music files on disc.

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