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Blaze MediaConvert 3.4 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - Blaze MediaConvert

  1. I converted a video to another format, but the audio content was not present in the output file. How can I ensure the audio content of video files is included when converting?

    This is usually caused by the video file's audio content using a codec that is not supported for conversion. Even though it may play properly, the codecs supported for playback are not necessarily the same as those supported for conversion.

  2. While attempting to convert a WMA file to WAV or MP3, the software does not seem to be responding or I receive an error. What could be the problem?

    Unfortunately, a major inconvenience with the WMA format at present is that many files are protected (locked) with Digital Rights Management (DRM). As far as we know, protected WMA files cannot be "converted" (with any software) since it is illegal to circumvent Microsoft's protection on the format.
    Some WMA files are intentionally protected (such as those purchased from online music stores), while others are automatically protected upon creation by the producing software, such as Windows Media Player. For the latter, you can disable the feature in the Windows Media Player options, but your already converted files will not be changed. Of course, all files converted from CD using Blaze Media Pro directly as not protected.

  3. Blaze MediaConvert was working great previously, but now when I run the program, it does not show on my screen. How can I correct this?

    The software's window is most likely off of your screen's viewing area. Therefore, when you start the program, and it does not display on the screen, right click on the taskbar icon you see at the bottom of your desktop and select the "Move" command. Now use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the window back onto your screen's viewing area.

  4. When I convert from WAV to MP3 or WAV to WMA, the converted files play too fast. How can I resolve this matter?

    When converting from WAV to MP3 or WAV to WMA, the source file and output file must be the same frequency. Otherwise, the resulting output will play too slow or too fast, depending on the difference in frequencies. In this situation, you will need to convert files with a frequency other than 44.1kHz using the WAV Compression feature before processing. Once this step has been taken, the conversion to MP3 or WMA will produce the desired result.

  5. Is there a version of Blaze MediaConvert for the Mac?

    No, there is not.

  6. I've installed Blaze MediaConvert on my Win2000 computer, and I'm trying to convert audio files. However, the conversion is not working. Any ideas?

    Turn off all applications and services that process WMA (for example: Windows Media Server). After you have done so, reinstall Blaze MediaConvert. In most cases, this will resolve the issue.

  7. Can all CD-ROM drives convert CD to WAV, MP3, WMA, or OGG?

    Although most newer CD-ROM drives can convert digitally, only CD-ROM drives that support the Redbook audio format and have a reasonable level of seeking accuracy can typically convert tracks from CDs to disk in digital format. Many older CD-ROM drives, and some new ones, do not support this capability.

Screenshots - More Details

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