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ALL Sound Editor XP v1.10 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - ALL Sound Editor XP

  1. Why I can not rip CD?
    CD track title only support English if you use another languages you can not rip CD track.

  2. If you failed to extract and encode MP3 from Audio CD, there are some possible reasons?
    Your CD-ROM doesn't support audio data extraction.

    In this case, Advanced CD Ripper Pro can't work at present. You can try other software which support analog access method if you can play your CD with the sound card. The default CD-ROM type was set incorrect and doesn't accord with your CD-ROM.

    Some sectors of your CD were damaged.

    In order to keep perfect quality copies of the original music, Advanced CD Ripper Pro will stop extracting when meet error sectors and tried several times. You can clean your CD and try again.

  3. Error while writing data to CDR
    Reason for receiving this message and solutions:

    A high CD writing speed is selected and the MP3 decoding speed isn't fast enough to feed audio data to the CD Recorder. So you should choose a lower speed while burning MP3 files. But if the source audio files are all WAV format, a max. writing speed can be used.

    The writing process is interrupted by other program. Please try closing other programs. Disable screen savers, virus software, and other tasks or applications running in the background.

    The CD Writer isn't recognized automatically. MP3 Disc Burner can automatically detect most SCSI-3/MMC compatible CD Writer and select the correct driver but not all, please select another driver in the options page from menu "Preference->Options..." and to have a try.

Screenshots - More Details

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