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AudioEdit Deluxe 4.10 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - AudioEdit Deluxe

  1. While I'm attempting to convert a WMA file to WAV or MP3, the software does not seem to be responding. What could be the problem?
    Unfortunately, a major inconvenience with the WMA file at present is that many files are protected, or locked. As far as we know, protected WMA files cannot be converted with any software. Some WMA files are intentionally protected, while others are automatically protected upon creation by the producing software.

  2. How do I use AudioEdit Deluxe to record from an LP or cassette?
    AudioEdit Deluxe can be used to record from any available source. Therefore, you should make the necessary hardware connection from your stereo or other source device to your sound card.

    Now, within AudioEdit Deluxe, select the connection used on your sound card as the input source for recording. Start playback on your stereo or other device, and click the record button on the AudioEdit Deluxe window. When the audio content playback is complete, press Stop in AudioEdit Deluxe, and save the recording via the Save As command.

    You should keep in mind the frequency at which recordings are saved. If you'd like to use a frequency other than the default (44.1 kHz), click the File > Configure > New File Preset Format command. You can define the setting to be automatically used for future recordings.

  3. When I try to connect to the CDDB, nothing happens. What's wrong?
    Please remember that you must be connected to the Internet to take advantage of the CDDB. Next, confirm that you have the CDDB option enabled by File > CD Track(s). You must then select File > Enable CDDB Auto-Save from the CD Converter. You must also select the Retrieve Track Titles from CDDB check box. If problems persist, there might be a temporary network problem with the CDDB itself or your ISP might be experiencing difficulties in establishing a connection with the CDDB.

  4. Converting from CD produces poor results. What do you recommend to achieve the best quality output possible?
    Conversion output quality is affected by two factors: CD-ROM drive and system processing power. For best conversion performance, do the following:

    Avoid simultaneously running other applications which would drain the CPU's power (graphics programs, scanners, other compressors, etc.)
    Avoid simultaneously running other applications which are writing to the hard drive.
    Certain configurations which cause the operating system to crash, such as low memory or several open windows, will also affect the quality of conversion output.

Screenshots - More Details

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