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Audio Players

Usenet Radio Usenet Radio - It is an mp3 player that plays audio files directly from Usenet and it supports unlimited connections to unlimited servers simultaneously.
Download 1   |   Download 2   |   Screenshot     2,347 KB    OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
5star freeTunes 5star freeTunes - 5star freeTunes can convert all of your audio and video data that currently only plays in your iTunes or Windows Media Player.
Download 1   |   Download 2   |   Screenshot     1,263 KB    OS: Win 2K XP 98
AxelCD 2.17 - It is an attractive, high quality CD Player with an excellent graphic user interface. You can jump to the next track, repeat a track, and maybe a couple of other tricks.
Faslo Player 7.0 - Faslo Player can play local and internet MP3 and compressed WAV files. It also can speed up or slow down speech/music playback and still retain the tempo.
FlexiMusic Orchestra Mar2004 - FlexiMusic Orchestra assigns small pieces of music beat to each key/button of all the Input Devices and plays it as orchestra or musical instrument.
KaraWin Pro - KaraWin is a Karaoke Midi MP3 CDG AVI player. Two main part: the explorer and juke box part. Explore your hard disk, and create your own jukebox list.
Media Box MP3 Workstation 6.8 - Audio grabber with CDDB2 enhances disc recognition service, easy mp3 encoder, mp3 player, database organizer, ID3 batch editor and more.
MiLo's Jukebox 5.3 - Play your favourite music while you work, and support all standard media formats, such as MIDI, WAV, MP3, AVI and many more.
Moderal Jukebox 4.0 - Moderal Jukebox is a windows MP3 Organizer and MP3 Player software designed for music fans. It designed to help people in their everyday repetitive tasks.
MP3 Player - Morpher 2.0 - It can play and real-time morph a mp3 or a sound file from one to another with the help of special morphs and audio effects.
P2P Music Jukebox 1.0 - P2P Music Jukebox is all-in-one music tool that creates and rips CDs, converts almost all popular audio formats, plays music and more.
Search and Play - Media Player 1.1.0 - Search and play MP3, WAV, MID, CDA (Audio CD), AVI, MPG or ASF file formats. Manage your MP3 ID3 TAG with ease.
Visual MP3 4.3.1 - Visual MP3 is a MP3 player, music organizer, CD ripper, file renamer, karaoke player and more. It can play your music, rip CDs, edit tags and search for lyrics online.
Winkaraoke Lite 2.0 - Winkaraoke Lite brings you all the great PC karaoke features like the Microsing Winkaraoke but without recording your voice. It plays karaoke song and displays the lyrics.
XPlayer 3.0.1 - XPlayer is an extremely fast multimedia player that plays back all types of media files, which include AVI, MPG, ASF, WMA, WAV, MP3...
Audio Sliders 4.12 - A replacement for the Windows Mixer which is one fifth the size while providing many additional audio controls.
iFever - You can use it watch TV program on your pc (tv capture card is required), edit picture, change picture format, playback audio and video.
J. River MEDIA CENTER 11 - Play MP3, WMA and iTunes files. Rip, burn and organize a digital media collection. Encodes to MP3, WMA, OGG and APE.
MiniLyrics - Show synchronized lyrics of the current playing song in Winamp, WMP, iTunes, RealPlayer, foobar etc.
WinJukebox 2.12 - WinJukeBox allows you to manage your collection of music files, print out a menu and run a full-screen jukebox emulator.
Pulse MP 1.2 - It is meant mainly for digital audio lovers, who dream of ingenious, adaptable and efficient tool for music playback and organization.
Juke 3.8.7 - Juke is the one player for all your sound, music, and video files, and also including music CDs. It allows you to create mixed playlists easily by dragging and dropping.
Raduga 3.8.7 - It is a music automation software program, ideal for radio stations, clubs, pubs, shops etc. It's extremely easy to use with a straightforward uncomplicated screen display.
D'Accord Drums Player 1.0 - open and play any MIDI file (.mid), showing how to play the song on the virtual drums.
A4Desk Flash Music Player 1.8 - Creates Flash MP3 player for your website and CDROM. You can select music player design, import MP3s, enter song details, publish to HTM, and it is ready to place on your website.
iTunesK1 - a smart Mac Osx (PPC or Intel) based utility designed to remote controller iTunes...
BoxEasy Jukebox 1.8 - A media player/organiser that uses Windows folder and file names as a basis for sorting and displaying albums.
Easy Karaoke Player - Easy Karaoke Player can play karaoke, record karaoke song to WAV file.
FlexTouch - FlexTouch lets you control Winamp player, Internet browser, execute files, open URLs and many other actions with a single keystroke assigned by you.
GloryPlayer - GloryPlayer Media Player comes with Cinema, Media library, Web browser, Media Searcher, and Downloader. It Plays video, audio, image files and search media files from P2P network.
JingleBox - JingleBox is a reliable and easy to use substitute for the old cart machines or vulnerable 'hardware' jingleplayers.
QTG Practice Player V2 - Practice Playing your Guitar / Instrument to a MP3 file or Looped Sections of an MP3 file.
JPEG File Explorer - An image file viewer and manager for JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, ICO and AVI images/animations.
WaveCutter - A tool that divides WAV files into smaller ones. It is very helpful when you digitize analog sound such as old LP record, compact cassette tapes, etc.
SpeechExpert - It is sometimes much more convenient to listen to text rather than merely reading it off a monitor.
Essential MP3 Player PRO - Essential MP3 Player adds a new dimension to your music experience by showing album covers and lyrics for your MP3 files.
Kazaa Media Center PRO - Manage and play your Kazaa downloads with this fully integrated media center.
Amazing MP3 Player PRO - A MP3 player and manager. On the music page you can browse your MP3 collection by artist, album, or style, and play back any file with just one click.
Amazing DVD Player PRO - Amazing DVD Player supports all major video file types and helps you manage your movie collection with action based tool buttons and easy to access context menus.
StereoMaker (Mac Only) - A MP3 player and manager. A QuickTime utility to generate 3D movies or images for your multimedia productions or games.
Player - Player of common audio and video formats: MP3, WAV, MID, AVI. Playlist and file position saved automatically.
Melody - Melody is a simple audio player. The program supports WAV, MP3, MIDI, MOD, IT, XM, S3, ME, MPP, MDZ formats and audio CD disks.
jPlayer - jPlayer makes your PC become an iPod Shuffle! jPlayer is an intelligence audio player for audio files.
Wake Up News - Wakes you up to your choice of preset sounds, CD, or your MP3 music files.
shuffleplay - An MPEG-1 Layer-3 (*.MP3) file manager, playlist manager, and player-frontend integrated into one powerful package.

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