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MP3 Player - Morpher 2.0

MP3 Player - Morpher is the only MP3 Player that can play and real-time morph a mp3 or a sound file from one to another with the help of special morphs and audio effects - a new way to play and listen to music.

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File Size:7,259 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($34.95) Limitations: 
Date Added:11-10-2005 Requirements:CD drive, sound card & speakers. CD Writer

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Software Description:
Distinguished from all other, MP3 Player - Morpher is the only MP3 Player that can play and real-time morph a mp3 or a sound file from one to another with the help of special morphs and audio effects - a new way to play and listen to music, a key for you to enter digital music world. It also features WMA, WAV and most popular audio formats as an all-in-one jukebox with built-in MP3 Converter, CD MP3 Ripper, CD Burner, CD Cover Creator, Sound Recorder and more. Alter and improve singing voice, apply a digital effect, mix drum loops, change tempo without altering the pitch, remix and turn your own karaoke songs or the latest hits into the new ones, making your own labeled CDs. Create weird Hollywood-style sound effects, edit different voices for different characters in your movies, cartoon, comic, DVD, audio, and video clips.

Key Features:
  • Change voice and tempo of music
  • Enhance music quality
  • Convert audio formats
  • Burn audio file to CD
  • Rip audio tracks to hard disk
Editor's Review:
Although this program works quite well as a CD ripper and audio converter, its various audio effects are what set AV MP3 Player - Morpher Basic apart. You can transform your audio files by, for example, filtering out frequencies, normalizing volume, changing tempo without altering pitch, and applying various 3D sound effects. Those effects can help you improve the sound of a singer's voice and create different voices for cartoons and video clips. Because you can hear the results immediately, you can even use it to disguise your identity when chatting. However, the unregistered version displays nags, and it partially or completely disables most effects. The only quirk of the sleek, modern interface is that it's not immediately obvious when the Active button is pressed. Because you can't edit the soundtrack as you do in full-fledged audio packages, AV MP3 Player - Morpher Basic would best suit nonprofessional use.

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