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Wake Up News

Wakes you up to your choice of preset sounds, CD, or your MP3 music files. It can also load your favorite portals and news websites before waking you up.

Download Site     Buy Now $14.95    

Version: 5.0 Publisher:
File Size: 2.87 MB System: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
License: Free to try ($14.95) Limitations: 30 days free trial
Date Added: 05-16-2008 Requirements:  

Wake Up News

Software Description:
Are you still waking up with a conventional alarm clock? Wake up news uses the power of your computer to wake you up the happy way: MP3 music, CD or cool preset sounds, from mild to wild (our extreme sounds could wake the dead).

It will even pre-load your choice of 160 preset online news web sites, or some of 98 built-in links to popular comic strips.

And Wake up News is more than just a computer alarm clock: Use it to set reminders, from birthdays to that date you must not forget. And launch countdown timers in a snap for 15 or 20-minute delays, for instance.

Key Features:

Hard To Wake Up?
  • Optional "Wake up enforcement"
  • 9 EXTREME Preset Alarm Sounds!
  • Adjustable Alarm Snooze
  • Auto-Unmute
  • Wake Up from Stand-by
MP3 & Music Lover?
  • Use Your CD's
  • Use One or Many MP3's
  • Sleep to Music Timer
  • MIDI, WAV, WMP Also Supported
  • Wake up to Internet Radio
Need Reminders?
  • Set an infinite number of reminder alarms
  • Program Alarms In Real Language
  • Quick-Set Countdown Timer
  • Set yearly birthday reminders
Web & News Addict?
  • 160 Preset News Links: (newspapers, politics, tech news, etc)
  • 98 online Daily Comic Links
  • Add your own web links
Editor's Review:
Wake up news uses the power of your computer to wake you up the happy way: MP3 music, CD or cool preset sounds, from mild to wild (our extreme sounds could wake the dead).

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