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Winkaraoke Lite 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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  1. How to start using Karaoke Sound Recorder?
    Firstly you have to Download Karaoke Sound Recorder. (Microsing requiers directx 8.0 or higher. then run install by double clicking the setup file (microatoz.exe). Before recording and singing, you should select a song with the "Select song" button.

  2. What should I do after I select the song?
    Now press the red "Rec" button andwhen the music starts -start singing. Once you press the stop button you will hear your preformence with the music and you can start playing with the voice effects.

  3. What are these files?
    "Mid" songs are very popular and easy to Download. You can Download "mid" songs in 10 sec. The quality of these files depands on your sound card. If you have a "normal" sound card - you will have a good quality.

Screenshots - More Details

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