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Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer 2.471 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer

  1. My RealAudio files are sounding scratchy upon playback with the Real player!
    There appears to be a problem/bug in the RealOne player where you hear distortion at random times in the song. (The key is that the scratches are not in the same spot.) The solution to this is to decrease the "Buffered Play" to 10 seconds or so.
    1. Launch the Real player.
    2. Click on the >> 'chevron' and select "Tools"
    3. Click and expand "Connections" followed by clicking on "Playback Settings"
    4. Reduce "Buffered Play" to 10 seconds and click OK.

  2. I load my saved mix (sgp file) and it crashes at around 98%.
    The temporary files used with MP3 Audio Mixer may have become corrupt. Run MP3 Audio Mixer. Select "Preferences" from the "File" menu Then select the "Miscellaneous" tab and click "Delete Temporary Files". It will ask you "Are you Sure?", click "yes". Shut down MP3 Audio Mixer, start it again and load in your saved mix or SGP file.

    If the problem persists try choosing a different temporary files directory in the Miscellaneous preferences.

  3. I try to record with my microphone but no audio is recorded! How do I fix this?
    This can easily be fixed within the Windows Mixer - Recording Control! Open the "Recording Control" by clicking click the red "Record" button on the toolbar then click "Adjust Recording Levels..." This will bring up the Windows Mixer - Recording Control where the adjustments are made! Next, under "Microphone Balance" you have to make sure that the mute box is "checked" otherwise no audio will be recorded. If you do not see the "Microphone Balance" option, you will need to add it to the Windows Mixer. To do this, click "Options" followed by "Properties" and simply check the "Microphone" box.

  4. Can I play sounds and record at the same time?
    Yes. This is called overdubbing. You can do this by clicking the Record button on the toolbar. Then make sure to click the "Overdub" checkbox. Depending on the quality and age of your soundcard, you may need to check the "Use Rec Format" for better compatibility.

  5. Why is sound breaking up?
    When playing the session, it sounds like someone is starting and stopping the sound real quick, repeatedly. This could be because the computer has slowed down due to other programs running at the same time.
    MP3 Audio Mixer has to work harder as the layers of sound increase. Try increasing the buffer size or the number of buffers in the Advanced Section of the Preferences Playback tab.
    If you are doing a lot of recording and you find that the actual recordings are being broken up, you may change the Recording Settings on the Recording tab of the Preference Dialog.

  6. Can I speed up or slow down sounds?
    This is certainly possible through the drop down box on the tool bar (top right of the screen). The drop down box defaults to "Volume," so just click the drop down box and select "Rate." Next, just adjust the "pivot points" (the horizontal line that is on the sound file - the default is at 100%). Raising the pivot points will speed the sound up, lowering it will slow it down. Currently, when adjusting the rate, the pitch changes as well. In Mixcraft, you can change the playback speed without changing the pitch.

Screenshots - More Details

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