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iType Music 1.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Use iTypeMusic

To play solo:

Start typing the letters and you are playing music! We have included 5 demo songs for you to try; Guitar Man, And I Love Her, Kentucky Woman, I'm a Believer and Sesame Street for the kids. The letters will erase as you type them. If you want to go back, hit backspace on your keyboard and you will go back one line. The stop/reset button will also take you back to the beginning.

To play with the band:

Click the mute 4 button (this takes out that track from the computer), and then click the play button and you will be playing with the band. You can also mute any of the instruments you want, so you can play as a duo, a trio etc.

To have software play song:

Click the play button. (This is a good way to learn the timing of the song, as the letters will disappear in time with the music.)

To have software play main line by itself:

Click the main line song's mute button twice, and all the other instruments will be muted automatically and if you then hit play, you will hear that instrument playing the song by itself.

To play a different song:

Press File and click on Open or Open list, and then double click on whichever song you wish to play. When you open the new song, you will see letters in the main box, start typing those letters and you will be playing that song.

To play a different instrument:

You can choose a different instrument to play the song you have chosen, by clicking on the instruments name highlighted in the top row of boxes, i.e. [Flute 2], this opens up the list of 128 other instruments and sounds that you can play the song to. The song should be preset to play the main "Line" of the song, which is the easiest to play. Try the various instruments, trumpets, the clarinet the violin etc... Great sounds.

Go to Tools, click on "iTypeMusic Options" and another window will open with the various ways you can use, iTypeMusic.
  1. Show keys at player's tempo. (Great for learning the song first)
  2. Show notes at player's tempo. (See the actual musical notes from the song)
  3. Show keys at Songs tempo. (The keys will act like a karaoke song, disappearing in time to the music. This is the default setting.)
  4. Show notes at Songs tempo (Shows the notes playing at songs tempo)
  5. Show played Key (Shows letters as you play them)
  6. Show played note (Shows the notes as you play them)
  7. Show Karaoke Lyrics (Puts the lyrics of the song in the main panel) Karaoke!
Go to Tools, click on Show Karaoke Panel, and the big panel for Karaoke parties will open up. You must be a subscriber of the Unlimited download program to have access to the main Karaoke panel, or have purchased the iTypeMusic Pro or iTypeMusic Ultimate program.

Screenshots - More Details

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