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MIDI Tracker

Music editor combines both new and old style of music editing. Use it for mobile phones, use it for MIDI export.

Download Site          Buy Now $29.95

Version: 1.2.5 Publisher:
File Size: 461 KB System: Win 2000/XP/ Vista/NT
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations: time limited
Date Added: 04-28-2008 Requirements:  

MIDI Tracker

Software Description:
MIDI Music sequencer for Windows. Use it for mobile phones, use it for MIDI export, just try it!

Key Features:
  • Play sounds on PC keyboard
  • Pattern editor (Grid), many tracks per channel, several channels may points to one MIDI channel
  • Order editor (Grid), where one cell value means 'play that channel from that pattern in that time'
  • Advanced grid edit functions (select some notes, copy it to buffer and paste to any range you want)
  • MIDI Patch changing from toolbar
  • Chord playing and inserting (using shift key)
  • Enable and disable channels from toolbar (FastTracker-like)
  • Optimized file storage (*.mtr), saves only actual info
  • FastTracker files import (.xm), without samples
  • MIDI files import (*.mid)
  • Import optimizing routines
  • Export pattern to .Mid
  • Export song to .Mid

Editor's Review:
MIDI Music sequencer for Windows. Use it for mobile phones, use it for MIDI export, just try it!

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