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MP3 Scanner 2.1 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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Frequently Asked Questions - MP3 Scanner

  1. MP3 Scanner is not faster than other LAN-scanning programs in my LAN. Why? How can I speed up the search?
    If your file list is not empty when you are starting new scan, the program checks every time whether each new found file is already in the list and the search takes more time. So there are two things that can help you perform the fastest scan:
    1. Turn off scanning unneeded formats (such as WMA and MP2).
    2. Clear the list before scanning. You may do this manually or turn on 'Clear list before searching' feature ('Options' window).
    In this case, you will achieve the fastest scan.

  2. I get 'No network neighbourhood' window. How can I search?
    Please check if there are domains and computers in your 'Network Neighbourhood' list (Click the shortcut on your desktop). If there are no computers or domains, check your network and firewall settings or ask your system administrator about it. NetBIOS protocols must be enabled in your firewall.

  3. The MP2 search tool does not find any files on the network. Why?
    Please check if any music extensions selected (for example, '.mp3' on the 'options' window). If nothing is selected, then tick some extensions and press 'Ok'. If your version is 1.0 or 1.01 and you have never brought up 'Options' window ('.mp3' has a tick, but the program doesn't work), then bring it up (press F12) and press 'Ok'. This bug was fixed in the version 1.02.

Screenshots - More Details

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