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Advanced MP3 Manager 1.5 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

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How to use it

step one: create new MP3 collection
When you first time start Advanced MP3 Manager it will create new empty collection (default.col). At any time you may create new collection by simple choosing File/New main menu item or pressing New button on main toolbar.
When you are done save your modified collection with appropriate name using File/Save As... main menu item or Save button on main toolbar.
MP3 collections has *.col extension.

Step two : add MP3 files to your collection
Advanced MP3 Manager can be used when you have mp3 files on your computer, it's not designed to find mp3 file on the web (even if you can do it using web links). So I consider that you have several mp3 files in directories.
There are three ways to add MP3 files to your collection:
  • Use program Drag'n'Drop feature
  • Use AutoScan feature
  • Use Find Files feature
Step three : powerful features
managing a mp3 collection is not just insert files in a database and browse it in a well designed user interface. You will soon need powerful features to play, organize, rename, tag your files.

Screenshots - More Details

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