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AV Voice Changer Software 5.5

It changes voice to pitch and timbre, for romance chat, game chat and many more. It stands apart from other online or computer voice changers for its unlimited ability to change voice and sound to produce expected voice/sound outputs.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $29.95

File Size:6,388 KB System:Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($29.95) Limitations:14 days trial
Date Added:05-22-2006 Requirements:A full duplex sound card

Voice changer - AV Voice Changer Software
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Software Description:
AV Voice Changer Software changes voice to pitch and timbre, for romance chat, game chat and many more. AV Voice Changer Software stands apart from other online or computer voice changers for its unlimited ability to change voice and sound to produce expected voice/sound outputs. This voice changer software can serve both your business and entertainment purposes: make voice-overs, record voices, and disguise gender and age for online fun, etc.
  • With the unique ability of AV VCS to alter not only a recording, but also playback and DirectX audio streams, you can morph both mixer audio streams and the sound files played back by a sound player.
  • Now you have a cool tool to disguise your voice and create a nickvoice for each of your nicknames, you can become anonymous for the "private eye" purposes in voice chat rooms which you can turn into "voice masquerades."
  • From your own natural voice, you can create new voices: a deep male voice, a high female voice, a baby voice, the voices of famous artists and singers along with animal, musical and fiction sounds for the characters of your audio & video clips and movies.
  • You can use AV VCS to sing karaoke songs by different voices, change the voices in the songs from CDs or MP3 files, add effects from the rich library of audio effect plug-ins, record and save modified songs.
  • AV VCS can be used as a telephone voice changer thanks to the compatibility with PC-to-PC and PC-to-Phone software.
  • AV VCS has four voice morphing tools: Voice Morpher, Equalizer, Effects, and Voice Comparator modules.

Key Features:
  • High-Quality Voice Output, Advanced Algorithms
  • Super Compatibility, Audio & Video Stream Interception
  • 2-Dimensional Voice Pitch & Voice Timbre Changer
  • Easy-Use Audio Effect Presets Explorer
  • Compatible With Internet-Based Programs
  • Compatible With Internet-Based Programs
  • Recorder: Sound, Voice, Streaming Audio, MP3
  • Ready-To-Use "Nickvoices" - The Pre-set Changed Voices
  • Setting Preferences, Visible Interface, Easy Use
  • Voice Comparator, Similarity Analysis
  • Adjustable Sound Parameters, Defaulted To Full Duplex
Editor's Review:
AV Voice Changer Software is a amazing program that changes voice in real time not only voice pitch but also voice timbre. It protects your privacy if you don't want to be recognized by voice or accent.

You can create a nickvoice for each of your nicknames to disguise your voice.

The built-in Voice Comparator can change your voice into the voices of famous movie or pop stars. You may also add your own sound files and change your voice into them.

Also, AV Voice Changer Software becomes your own home audio recording studio, it can record chat and phone conversations, capture online audio and save in WAV.

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