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AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $99.95

What's New in Voice Changer Software AV VCS 4.0 Diamond Edition:

  • Improved Voice Morpher algorithm.

  • New nice-looking skin with a simplified interface and a new plug-in architecture.

  • More easy-to-use Voice Morpher graph.

  • "Reset" buttons to clear all the settings and the possibility to turn off any module.
  • A great number of new ready-to-use effects and nickvoices.

  • AV VCS DIAMOND has now a built-in Voice Comparator module - so you can morph your voice into the voices of famous artists and singers.

  • AV VCS DIAMOND has now a Voice Equalizer and Sound Quality processors - that means more voice morphing possibilities.

  • Now you may set and apply the Nickvoice rules - regulations concerning the use of nickvoices along with other applications.

  • Improved graphic equalizer smoothes voice output.

    Frequently Asked Questions - AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition

    1. How does VCS GOLD differ from VCS?
      VCS GOLD includes the whole VCS package but features more special functions as follows:

      Advanced Recorder supports 9 audio formats, including compression ones C MP3, WMA, OGG just to name a few.

      Auto Recorder helps record voice and audio automatically with the highest quality.

      Ignore Filters allows you to select any sound stream or application to exclude from the morphing process.

      Audio Player can play 12 common sound formats and let you keep the music on while chatting.

      More nickvoices are now available.

      More celevoices are added for you to compare and simulate.

    2. What are the outstanding features of VCS DIAMOND?
      Besides the full features of VCS GOLD, VCS DIAMOND offers more outstanding tools, such as:

      Advanced Pitch & Timbre with faster algorithms alters your voice input into hundreds of more natural and real-time voice outputs.

      A huge library of nickvoices and effects is added to guarantee your satisfaction in voice morphing and music processing.

      Frequency Morpher allows modifying voice in a definite range.

      Voice Equalizer and Sound Quality help improve the quality of voice output.

      Nickvoice Rules allows you to set some specific rules for using nickvoices along with different applications.

      Owners of VCS DIAMOND can access free downloads of all Add-on Packages including up to 20 celevoices, 70 nickvoices, and 250 effects.

    Screenshots - More Details

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