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DRS 2006 2.11

DRS 2006 is so powerful that offers a great number of tools to manage audio files and orgnize music.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $69

File Size:16,313 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($69) Limitations:30 minutes
Date Added:12-07-2005 Requirements:Sound card

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Software Description:
DRS 2006 is a huge global project encompassing many radio professionals and programmers throughout the world co-operating to one goal. DRS 2006 is based on available and matured technologies in the database and playback sections, which are world-wide standard.

This software can works with many Windows platforms and support supports all available audio formats the Windows Media Player can play. So feel free to mix your database with mp2, mp3, wma, wav etc. With its database connector module you can connect to any DRS 2006 database available. The database can be on your PC or on a database server in a network. If you want to use this option you can build a professional radio station network with an On Air Studio PC, a Playlist Editor PC and so on. Of course you can use CDs or DVDs with the titles and that special database and then connect the system to the CD or DVD.

You can use it to insert thousands of files in a few minutes. The Audio Manager also reads the MP3-Tag, so almost all information is automatically inserted. You use the virtual cart slots just like the cart slots in the On Air Studio. You can add any item of the database and change the preselected mixer options (cue points, fade times). This program is made for fast live assist handling. It has many of the Radio Studio functions but is basically for live assist. DRS 2006 allows you to load any playlist of the database with all edited options. You can see all parameters you need on one page. You can also add sweepers or any other item of the database to the cartwall. These sounds will play mixed with the song that is playing out of the playlist. You won't believe what you can get out of this system. It has many functions also.

Everyone can use DRS 2006. That is simply radio power for everyone.

Key Features:
  • Broadcast with Shoutcast, Live365
  • Broadcast with Real Server, Windows Media
  • Webcasting Encoders Plugin Capable
  • Webcasting Statistic Relays Plugin Capable
  • Broadcast Processor STD/PRO Plugin Capable
  • Single Sound Card Playback
  • Full Networking Capabilities
  • Support Windows Media Player
  • Support mp3, mp2, wa, asf, wma, wav, mpg, etc
  • Database can handle up to 500.000 items
  • Remote Control Panel Compatibility
  • Live Assist Radio Automation
Editor's Review:
DRS 2006 is so powerful that offers a great number of tools to manage audio files and organize music. It provides lots of modules to help you manage audio files and fully automate your radio station, and so on.

You can use this program to edit all your audio files and add special information to the dataset. You can also edit an intro time so your DJ's can easily do ramp talks. It is very effective and easy to use. DRS 2006 can support all available audio formats the Windows Media Player can play. So feel free to mix your database with mp2, mp3, wma, wav and many others. You can also let DRS 2006 automatically generate your playlists by your own rotation types and then you can insert special events like commercials for example.

You have the complete database and also a rotating playlist which can of course be saved and loaded anytime you want to. You can use it to see all parameters you need on one page. Which song or commercial is coming up, how long it is to the end of the current song, how long can you talk while the song is playing (intro) and many more options. If you need a professional tool for music work, that is the right one.

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