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Mixcraft 2.51 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - Mixcraft

  1. How do I set mixcraft up to record from memory (RAM)?
    Go to the preference dialog and remove all text in the edit box labeled "Temporary Recording Directory". You should see the words "(RAM)" appear. Then click "OK" and record to your heart's content.

  2. Can I use Mixcraft for podcasting?
    Yes! Podcasting is growing in popularity and is now supported in major applications such as iTunes. Be your own radio station and create your own podcasts. Simply create an MP3 file in Mixcraft and publish it!

  3. How do I record an audio CD?
    Mixcraft supports the recording of whatever sound that it is possible to record via your soundcard. Here are the steps to record your CD. Recording from the CD is simple as long as your soundcard is connected to your CD.
    1. Launch Mixcraft
    2. Click the "Rec" button or select "Record" from the "Sound" menu.
    3. Select "CD" from the "Source" item.
    4. Adjust the recording level.
    5. Press the record button.
    6. When the CD track finishes, click "Stop".

  4. How Do I Overdub Or Record While Listening To My Other Tracks?
    You need to make sure that you have done the full duplex test and have the "Overdub" check box checked in the Recording Preferences. Depending on your sound card's level of full-duplex support, you may need to set the recording sampling rate to be the same as the playback sampling rate.

  5. When I record audio, it is in the left channel only.
    In Mixcraft, click on the File menu and select Preferences. Choose the Recording tab and select the Mono setting. This will produce a mono recording in the center channel and you can then pan it to the left or right if needed.

  6. Why recording is not working?
    You’re mixing sounds great, but you can’t record anything!!! There can be many reasons why this is not working.

    • Your microphone is not plugged in to the right hole in the back of your soundcard. Sometimes it happens.
    • You’re trying to record on your CD but nothing is happening. Make sure that your soundcard has a connection to your CD player. This is usually an internal cable.
    • Another problem for not recording is related to the Win95/98/NT audio mixer.
      1. Double click the speaker icon on the lower right of your Window’s taskbar.
      2. Select "Properties" from the Options menu.
      3. Select "Adjust volume for recording" radio button.
      4. Make sure all the checkboxes are checked in the window entitled "Show the following volume controls" and press the "OK" button.
      5. Make sure that the device you are trying to record is selected and the slider is up.
      6. For example, if you are trying to record an audio CD, make sure the check-box enabled "Select" in the "CD Audio" panel is checked, then adjust the slider to about 75%.
      7. Make sure that the overall "Recording" balance on the very left is also set at 50%. (On many systems, you cannot adjust this anyhow.)
      8. Go back to Mixcraft and start recording!

  7. CD/DVD Recorder Is Not Supported!
    If you click "Burn CD" and it says that it cannot find a supported CD or DVD recorder, it means that Mixcraft cannot support it! Look for a new version with updated CD/DVD recorder support.

    Also, if you have another program that can burn CDs without any space between tracks, you can mix it down to multiple WAV files and then import those WAV files into your burning software!

Screenshots - More Details

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