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Find and replace workbooks and worksheets in batches without opening workbooks.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $45.00

File Size:2,231 KB System:Windows 98/ME/XP
License:Free to try ($45.00) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:03-02-2006 Requirements:Windows System

Main window - FindReplaceExcel
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Software Description:
FindReplaceExcel is a find/replace utility to search Excel files for text, values and comments and replace the text inside cells automatically without opening workbooks. The program can search worksheets. Individual worksheets can be searched within workbooks. Multiple drives and directories can be searched. Cells can be searched for partial text matching and/or case letters. Blank cells within worksheet can be replaced by text. Excel workbooks and worksheets search without opening workbooks.

Key Features:
  • Perform fast searches and text replacement
  • Search individual worksheets and workbooks
  • Backup workbooks before replacing cells
  • Search and replace by range row OR range column
  • Find numbers or strings in EXCEL cells
  • Search by values, formulas and comments
  • Search/replace by partial text matching or whole word matching in cells
  • Search all storage devices attached to your system, including floppy drives, hard drives, CD\DVD Rom drives, and network drives.
  • Display file properties by right clicking file results
  • Search multiple directories and drives
  • Change color of cell being replaced by text
  • View files
  • Search results can be printed or saved to a file for analysis
  • Enter beginning range and end range of rows and columns to be searched
  • Find and replace comments
  • Replace blank cells within worksheets by text
  • Replace cells with nothing
Editor's Review:
Indeed, I search the Excel files for text without opening workbooks. You don't need waste much time to open many workbooks for searching some cells again. FindReplaceExcel makes a solution to this problem.

Back up file before finding and replacing, and selecting what part of the cell is to be searched. You can replace whole workbooks or replace some worksheets. I think case sensitive and whole cell is important, they can make you search cells exactly and quickly. If you want to view the workbook, you just press the VIEW Excel Workbook button, and the changed cells will be displayed in color. The result page is designed well, it can be printed and saved to a text file for later viewing or manipulation in another program. You can also copy the results to the clipboard.

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