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Master Investor 5.18 - User Guide and FAQ

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Comprehensive portfolio management. MI 2000 provides complete tracking of security and cash transactions with automatic computation of net worth, capital gains, unrealized gains, return on investment, asset allocation and much more. But MI does more than track your investments. It allows you to organize your information into up to 999 portfolios and produce reports based on any one or more portfolios. This allows you to set up portfolios to record investments held in your name, by other family members, by members of an investment club or by investment clients. As well, you could set up separate portfolios for retirement savings, children’s education, speculating, and even hypothetical portfolios to follow the advice of an investment newsletter. investment portfolio management and analysis

Technical analysis. Simply tracking investments is not enough. MI 2000 also includes powerful tools to help you analyze current and potential investments. Technical analysis features include a series of charts that provide visual analysis of price movements. Available technical indicators include: moving averages, on-balance volume, stochastic oscillators, Wilder's RSI, MACD, relative strength (i.e., Ratio Cantor), polynomial trend analysis and correlation analysis. In addition to technical analysis charts, comparative analysis of annualized total return can be generated to identify your best and worst performing investments.

On-line Quote Updates. If you have an Internet connection, MI 2000 can download current quotes for all your stocks and mutual funds. Quotes can be downloaded for U.S., Canadian, major European, Australia and New Zealand exchanges. If you prefer to download quotes manually, MI also includes capabilities to import current and historic quote files downloaded from over a dozen popular information services such as Compuserve, AOL, Quote.Com, the internet and more. If your service is not included you can easily add it by defining a new data format. For additional information on downloading and importing securities prices see the Frequently Asked Questions on Downloading and Importing Prices.

Asset allocation. MI produces reports and graphs showing the allocation of assets by portfolio, by type and by user defined investment objective.

Support for sophisticated trades. MI fully supports all IRS approved cost basis accounting methods for stocks, bonds, mutual funds and options including short sales, buying, selling and writing options. MI also provides an automatic sweep of funds to and from cash accounts when entering security transactions and investment income.

Powerful report generator. Our report generator lets you customize each of the over 20 reports to include any time span and any combination of portfolios so you get just the information you need.

Screenshots - More Details

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