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RelayFax Server 6.7.0

Automatically send, receive and manage network faxes, email, fax or print the faxes, and convert incoming faxes to images.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $205.00

File Size:12,132 KB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($205.00) Limitations:30 days trial
Date Added:06-02-2006 Requirements:Windows system

RelayFax Server
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Software Description:
provides full faxing capabilities to your network users. It is a powerful fax server that automates sending, receiving and managing network faxes, and integrates full faxing capabilities directly into your existing email system. RelayFax connects to any number of POP mailboxes at scheduled intervals and collect waiting messages. The software then emails, faxes or prints the faxes as defined in the confgurable fax rules.

With RelayFax, you can send outgoing faxes and receive incoming faxes without leaving your workstation. You can convert incoming faxes to various image formats such as TIFF, JPEG and BMP. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be used to convert faxed images into editable document formats (DOC, PDF, etc.). You can also send a single fax to multiple destinations and automatically assign specific cover pages or templates to specific users and groups. Purchase of RelayFax includes one year of free upgrade protection.

Key Features:
  • Powerful and Versatile Fax Engine
  • Supports ISDN Devices
  • DID Routing support
  • Terminal Services Support
  • Compatible with a wide range of fax boards
  • Easily edit cover pages
  • Receive and route faxes based on distinctive ring
  • Fast and flexible fax database
  • Scan documents for fax commands
  • Convert incoming faxes to PDF or PNG documents
  • Fax Card Support
  • Terminal Services Support
Editor's Review:
RelayFax Server is a powerful and professional Fax server utility. For enterprises, RelayFax Server can help finish all fax sending, receiving and managing task efficiently. Though it's a little complex, the detailed help text can assist you.

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