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Media Library Catalog 7.5

A church library ministry can enter and maintain all of the information for any resource type.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $82.50

File Size:7,961 KB System:Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($82.50) Limitations:shareware
Date Added:05-24-2006 Requirements:32 Megabytes of memory, 1 gig of hard disk space

Media Library Catalog
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Software Description:
Media Library Catalog was designed to give the churches library ministry a cost effective and functional way to catalog, search and report all any type of resource . The library may have in its collection. The church defines all of the lookup files which give a tremendous amount of flexibility. Define the types of resource, report codes, location types, and status options. Search on title, author, subject, series or keywords then print the results.

You can maintain the names of individuals who have donated resources to the library. If the donation was made in remembrance of a person this too can be entered. Reports can be printed for either of these options. Print out an accession listing of all of the resources in the library or just print a report with for one or two report codes. The report codes are based on the Dewey decimal system.

With the click of a button you can do an analysis of all the library's resources. See the total investment, the count, and the percentage and total dollars for each report code, defined resource, reading group and resource type. Our Backup and Restore Wizard uses the latest ZIP technology. The program was designed to be easy to learn with a user friendly interface. A volunteer who is only able to donate a few hours a week will not have to spend the first hour reviewing how to use the program.

Key Features:
  • Export to HTML using our query generator. Add the HTML pages to your church web site.
  • Export to MS Excel using our query generator. Microsoft Excel required.
  • Export to flat ASCII or delimited ASCII.
  • Import from flat ASCII, delimited ASCII, DBase or MS Excel.
  • Upgraded the query generator.
  • Physical Inventory Module.
  • Telephone, zip/postal codes and states now accept International data.
  • Search by Title, or Author, or Series, or Subject or custom words.
  • User Friendly Interface. Maintain Resources. Extensive Reporting.
  • Flexible lookup file allowing customization by the user.
  • Custom Query Option on many windows. Custom Query Option for many Reports.
  • Maintain and Report on Donors and Memorials.
Editor's Review:
Media Library Catalog can help us manage most kinds of resources effectively. The function is very strong. It not only can sort the resource by Author, Publisher and subject, bur also provides the function of resource-search and resource-report.

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