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A program to convert MySQL databases into DBase (*.dbf) format.

Download Site       Buy Now $29.00

Version: 1.0 Publisher:
File Size: 1.18 MB System: Windows 2000/XP
License: Free to try ($29.00) Limitations:convert only five records for each database table
Date Added: 06-02-2008 Requirements: 

The Screenshot of MySQL-to-DBF
Software Description:
MySQL-to-DBF is a program to convert MySQL databases into DBase (*.dbf) format.

Key Features:
  • All MySQL data types and attributes are supported
  • Fast conversion engine (10MB MySQL database - in 1 minute on average P-III system)
  • Work with all versions of Unix and Windows MySQL servers
  • Convert individual tables
  • Merge MySQL data into an existing DBF database
  • Command line support
  • Easy-to-use wizard-style interface
  • Full install/uninstall support
Editor's Review:

MySQL-to-DBF is a program to convert MySQL databases into DBase (*.dbf) format.

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