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YukonDev SQL Editor 1.8 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - YukonDev SQL Editor

  1. Who uses YukonDev SQL Editor?

    DBA YukonDev SQL Editor has all what DBA needs to perform daily duties. Fine tuning does not require the knowledge of complex commands anymore!

    Developers Ability to have easy and quick access to all server resources from one IDE makes development faster and error proof. Script generator makes deployment of your solution (DB, users, jobs, maintenance plans) flexible and painless.

    End users End users of your solution can use the tool for data access and manipulation.

  2. What is YukonDev SQL Editor about?

    Reliability YukonDev SQL Editor keeps working when other tools give up. If you had a trouble, your SQL server did not respond timely, the last thing you would need is a time out from a management tool. You'll never get it from YukonDev!

    Usability YukonDev SQL Editor has a lot of features, which make management and development of your databases more efficient. It is created by professionals and for professionals. Right tool makes a difference!

    Speed The main goal of YukonDev SQL Editor is speed. It is designed to be fast and undemanding.

Screenshots - More Details

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