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Advanced Wedding Organizer

Manage all information concerning your coming wedding, simplify your wedding preparation process.

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File Size:7,139 KB System:Windows 2000/XP
License:Free to try ($30) Limitations:30 days
Date Added:18-05-2007 Requirements:Windows system

Advanced Wedding Organizer
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Software Description:
Advanced Wedding Organizer is a tool designed to simplify your wedding preparation process. It will help you to manage all information concerning your coming wedding (such as guest list, invitations, gifts and thank you notes, vendors, expenses, reception menu, checklists, events related to wedding, wedding day schedule, seating arrangement, wedding announcements, etc.). Moreover, Advanced Wedding Organizer provides you a lot of traditional and christian wedding vow samples that you can either use as is or accomodate to your taste. You can also find here a wide variety of Bible readings for wedding ceremony. A set of 8 predefined checklists will help you to take stock of all details during wedding preparation.

Key Features:
  • Contact list, allowing you you to create a full list of contacts. You include into this list not only persons that you will invite to the wedding, but all your relatives and friends. Later you will create invitation list. You also may want to send wedding announcements to uninvited persons.
  • Guest list. It allows you to manage all invitations and to track answers. In this list you can also assign roles to your wedding attendants.
  • List of uninvited persons will help you to send wedding announcements to all uninvited relatives and friends.
  • List of celebration places stores list of places where wedding and other related events could be celebrated.
  • Event list stores information about all wedding-related events, such as event date, schedule for each of these events, event celebration places and involved vendors.
  • Seating arrangement. You have an ability to create different seating arrangement schemes for each of wedding-related events. Each seating arrangement scheme includes room plan and seating arrangement list that specifies the places of your guests.
  • Gift registry helps you to create a list of gifts you want to receive from your guests. You have ability to specify priority level for each gift.
  • List of gifts you want to give to your parents and wedding attendants will help you to choose special gift for each of these so important persons.
  • List of received gifts helps you to keep track of all received gifts and thank you notes.
  • List of vendors allows you to store information about all vendors you work with and provides quick and easy vendor contact information access.
  • Menu evaluation helps you in search of balance between menu cost and number of guests to invite.
  • List of expenses helps you to handle available financial assets and to divide expenses between different payers correctly.
  • A set of 8 predefined checklists and convenient checklist editor allow you to keep track of all tasks you need to execute during wedding preparation. You don't need to compile these checklists because they have been already created for you.
  • List of Bible readings allows you to chose readings you want to be read during the wedding ceremony. Program provides for your choice a list of most appropriate readings. You also have an ability to choose Bible translation.
  • You have an ability to select one of 20 predefined wedding vow templates or write your own vows.
  • If your wedding plans have changed program will help you to keep track of persons that have to be notified about new wedding plans.
  • A great number of reports allow you to export all data into MS Word and then print them.
Editor's Review:
Advanced Wedding Organizer is designed to decrease your wedding preparation stress as much as possible. And Advanced Wedding Organizer has a lot of features to help you in wedding preparations.

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