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Barca 2.0 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Sending Mail section controls several aspects of how outgoing messages are formatted and sent. To reach this window go to Tools > Options menu, or by pressing Shift+F7, then click on Sending Mail.

Sending Mail section itself lets you tweak some of the Editing Options available (others can be found in Advanced Options). All these options affect how Compose window behaves when writing an email. Forced Word Wrap limits the text input in .Compose window to only set number of characters per each line. You can change how and when the message is checked for spelling errors, as well as disable lookup of addressed in To, CC and BCC fields. Split Message feature threshold sets the number of recipients for which Split Message is invoked. Finally, you can enable automatic sending of queued messages (if any are present in the Out folder) after mail check is complete.

Message Format section controls the font style, size and colour for message text as well as for signatures (unless the signature was saved with formatting).

Quoting Text section determines how replies, forwards and bounced messages are going to be formatted. You can completely disable quoting of text in replies, enable re-flowing of quoted text, toggle whether your replies will go above or below the quoted text and how the text will be quoted (with or without quote character). Each type of correspondence (Reply, Forward or Bounce ) can also have its own header enabled and a common footer.

Style Quoted lets you apply colous to quoted text based on previously quoted text and how many times it has been quoted. These colours will be visible even if you are sending plain messages (without formatting), the colours will simply be ignored when the message is sent.

Default Server specifies your Outgoing SMTP Server for accounts that have no defined Outgoing Server.

Screenshots - More Details

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