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C-Organizer Pro 3.7.0 - User Guide and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions - C-Organizer Pro

  1. How can I update C-Organizer to the latest version?
    If you wish to keep your data from the older version then do not uninstall the older version. In fact install the newer version over the older version (i.e. install in the same folder as the old installation). With this your software is automatically updated whereas your data is intact.

  2. What do I get when I register?
    After the registration, you'll get the registration key (serial number), which will remove a time limitation. Also you'll get the unlimited technical support, all following updates free of any charge and an opportunity to suggest to us further upgrades of our software.

  3. I received an error message when try to open C-Organizer, the program cannot open the database.
    C-Organizer requires the Microsoft MDAC v 2.6 or later, installed on your PC. By default, this product should be included into the Windows installation package. Probably some files are damaged. Please reinstall the Microsoft MDAC on your PC.
    MDAC (v2.8) is available at (5427 K):

  4. Is C-Organizer multi-user capable on a network?
    Yes, C-Organizer Professional is multi-user capable on a network. All data can be shared in real-time. You can be in your calendar at the same time as your assistant!

  5. Is it possible to carry C-Organizer or Advanced Diary with me in my "stick" drive from home computer to work computer, etc?
    Yes, you can install C-Organizer or Advanced Diary directly to the memory stick, USB drive or any other removable device and then run the program directly from this device.

Screenshots - More Details

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