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GSM Control

Take control of your mobile - work with SMS messages, see your mobile's missed, received and dialed calls, work with appointments, check or set mobile's diverts, barrings or locks, set your new mobile's logo or ringtone...

Download Site       Buy Now $24.95

File Size:1.08 MB System:Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
License:Free to try ($24.95) Limitations:
Date Added:02-25-2008 Requirements:'Siemens' mobile phone with integrated modem

GSM Control
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Software Description:
GSM Control is a all-in-one software solution which will incorporate usage of all your mobile's features and take it to the higher level. In order to establish communication between your Siemens mobile phone and your PC, you will need data cable or IrDA interface.

Now you don't need to type on that small mobile's keyboard for hour or two when entering, lets say, 50 contacts in your mobile. Pull any information you want from your mobile. With GSM Control you can easily work with SMS messages, see your mobile's missed, received and dialed calls, work with appointments, check or set mobile's diverts, barrings or locks, set your new mobile's logo or ringtone, exchange your mobile's contacts and appointments with those from Microsoft Outlook, and many more.

Key Features:
  • General Info -- Know Your Mobile's Technical Info!
    GSM Control will help you to see a following specific information from your mobile: Manufacturer, Model, Software Version, Mobile Status, IMEI etc
  • Phone Book -- Control Your Mobile's Contacts Easily!
    GSM Control will let you to add new entry, edit existing entry, delete existing entry and change entry location (SIM <> Mobile Memory). You can even dial phone numbers and send SMS messages directly from Phone Book.
  • SMS Messages -- Have FUN and Make It... FAST!
    GSM Control will let you easily manage your SMS messages. Communicating via SMS messages is now enjoyable, simpler and much faster.
  • Calls -- Your Calls History Just in Front of You!
    GSM Control will extract all your dialed, received and missed calls from your mobile phone, so you can simply add new caller to your Phone Book, dial phone numbers or save phone call lists to your hard disk.
  • Appointments -- Schedule Your Tasks With Ease!
    GSM Control will help you to easily add, edit and delete your mobile's appointments. You can even exchange your appointments with those from Microsoft Outlook Calendar.
Editor's Review:
With GSM Control, you can control mobile call, cotact, sms message etc on your pc.

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