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Mercury Document System

It is a personal document management (PDM) / personal knowledge management (PKM) application for Microsoft Windows.

Download Site 1       Download Site 2       Download Site 3       Buy Now $59.95

File Size:9.59 MB System:Windows 2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($59.95) Limitations:30 days trial
Date Added:05-08-2006 Requirements:IE 5.5 or above

Mercury Document
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Software Description:
Your goal is to gather information on say food webs in the Arctic or maybe exports of Venezuela or if you're are very lucky holiday destinations in the Pacific Ocean. You are focused on collecting information and storing it so that you can make business decisions, turn in an assignment, and jump on a plane. Are you thinking about file formats and languages yet? Very unlikely and it you probably don't want to. But the sad fact is that the information you find will be in many different formats - web pages, map images, spreadsheets, emails, pdfs - the list goes on and on, and they were written in different languages. It's not going to be easy to gather the information you need into a neat package for analysis. You need Mercury Document System to take the pain out of this situation. It imports documents and allows you to browse, edit, search, annotate and organize them any way you want.

And then there is the problem of which computer you will be working on? at home, at school, at work? a notebook? It would be good if you could carry the information around easily and not have to worry about which computer is available at the time? Put Mercury Document System on your USB drive and you are good to go.

Your information is valuable and private - Mercury Document System to the rescue again. Mercury Document System uses strong encryption to ensure that you share only what you want to.

If your documents are very large, not a worry! Mercury Document System works with documents over the often encountered 2G limit. Got a huge list of documents? Once again, Mercury Document System is your saviour. Your only limit is the space at your disposal.

Whether you are in business, in school or in research, Mercury Document System can help you to do it more quickly, more easily, more efficiently. Do yourself a favor and make a small investment with a large payback.

Key Features:
  • Web Page, Email Message and Document Capture
  • Desktop Search Capabilities
  • Document Conversion Capabilities
  • Strong Encryption and Compression
  • Support Privacy Tools
  • Keep Everything in One Place
  • Easy Navigation
  • Import/Export/Synchronization Capabilities
  • 100% Portable
Editor's Review:
Mercury Document System is portable software. It can help us manage and securely store all electronic documents. It is easy to use.

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