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A note-taker and note-organiser, that allows you to store and organise all bits of different information in a single place.

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File Size:3,888 KB System:Windows 2000/XP/2003
License:Free to try ($19.95) Limitations:30 days trial
Date Added:02-18-2008 Requirements:Windows system

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Software Description:
RightNote is a note-taker and note-organiser, that allows you to store and organise all bits of different information in a single place. The RightNote interface consists of a tabbed notebook made up of pages. Each page contains a hierarchical tree in which you can store an unlimited number of notes. Notes can easily be moved within a page or from one page to another. This gives you a large amount of flexibility and organisational capability when it comes to organising and categorising your notes. RightNote also contains a powerful search tool which will allow you to quickly and easily find the note you are looking for.

RightNote conveniently minimises to the system tray, waiting patiently until needed. As soon as you need to store something, click on the RightNote icon, locate or create the desired page, and you're on your way to being more organised, more efficient and more relaxed about handling all the myriad bits of information that you're confronted with on a daily basis, because now you know where to put all your information and where to find it!

Key Features:
  • Tabbed notebook consisting of pages. Each page contains a hierarchical tree which can contain virtually an unlimited number of notes. This layout offers a great amount of organisation capability and flexibility. Each page can be devoted to a different category, and typically you'll find you don't need more than one or two files to organise most things in your life!
  • Multiple note types - including word processing, spreadsheet and syntax highlighting types - allow you to include and organise different types of information such as general information, financial information and source code snippets, respectively.
  • Word processing note supports powerful text formatting and layout features, including tables, hypertext link, images and ole objects.
  • Spreadsheet note supports text and cell formatting, microsoft excel functions and import from and export to .xls files.
  • Consistent user interface for different note types
  • Support for virtual notes allows you to work on external documents (.txt, .rtf, .rvf and .htm) all from a single location.
  • Support for link type notes allows you to open external files and applications right from your RightNote file.
  • Powerful import and export options
  • Global search allows you to search all notes within a file
  • Support for note tags which can also be searched for via global search
  • Numerous options allow you to easily customise the interface and behaviour of RightNote to suit your needs and desires.
  • Fast and light database engine ensures fast data loading and saving of even large files.
Editor's Review:
RightNote is excellent. To organize your daily life and set a schedule, which can remind you of important appointment, upcoming birthday, holiday and so on. The intuitive interface layout makes it easy to operate. RightNote has high security system, which enable you to set password and encypt any database. Besides, all data can be shared in real-time on a network, you can also synchronize data with mobile devices, such as pocket PC, Smart Phone and palm.

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