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Inventory Organizer Deluxe 2.6 - User Guide and FAQ

Screenshots - More Details

Frequently Asked Questions - Inventory Organizer Deluxe

  1. How to delete database?
    We include several database templates in each solution. It allows you to choose the one that is the best for you. You can delete databases that you do not want to use.

    1. On the "File" menu, click "Load Database"
    2. In the "Available Databases" box, click(select) the database that you want to delete.
    3. Click "Delete"

    You are not allowed to delete the database that is loaded to Organizer Deluxe.

  2. How to enter graphics?
    You can enter graphic from a file (GIF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, BMP), capture graphic from a screen, or enter graphic from any TWAIN compliant image capturing device (scanners, digital cameras...). Using the right mouse button click on the graphic field and select the Load, Screen Capture, or Scan command.

  3. How can I Backup my database?
    • Use Advanced/Maintenance/Backup function.
    • If you have more than 1 database and you want to back up all databases use the Load function and then the Backup function for each database.
    • Locate BACKUP directory (underneath DATA directory), for example C:\32IO22\DATA\BACKUP.
    • Compress all files in BACKUP directory (e.g. using PkZip or WinZip).
    • Copy the compressed file to a diskette or to your backup media (backup tape, Zip drive, etc.).

  4. How To Use Filters?
    Filters can be very useful in selecting a subset of all records both for viewing and printing. For example, if you are only interested in records with NAME data field beginning with letters C-F just set the filter for the NAME field with filter expression 'BETWEEN C and F'.

Screenshots - More Details

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